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Natural Product Biodegradable Hand printed Stitched with Love We procure unbleached cotton cloth. When it is unbleached, the cloth is at its natural best. It does not go through major chemical treatments. You can use them as bags, reuse it as a cleaning cloth and finally you might throw it. When you throw, it will completely biodegrade. The message in the bag is hand printed using traditional screen printing. Hand made gives its own uniqueness to each bag. Each bag is stitched by an empowered woman homemaker and provides meaningful employment and enriches someones life. Each model is carefully crafted after receiving user feedback and testing it at various situations. Quality of stitch and perfection in finish is guaranteed.All models are generally available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Your logo, message, artwork etc., can be printed in all the models. Classic Bag Tote Bag Basket Bag Backpack Drawstring Bag Goodie Bag Conference Bag Kit Bag Our team is always happy to make some tweaks in our bag models to make it perfect for your unique requirement. It can be size, print matter or a new model itself. Choose Bag Type Select Size Finalize your Design Approve Sample Production Delivery
  • 2017-09-23T08:03:04

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